Fun Fact: Pouring Popcorn on Ronald Reagan

NFL player Harry Carson was among the first to make the practice of pouring a Gatorade cooler on a coach, a tradition after winning a football game. When his team The New York Giants went to celebrate their Super Bowl win at the White House in 1987, the cooler tradition was given to President RonaldContinue reading “Fun Fact: Pouring Popcorn on Ronald Reagan”

Fun Fact: From Sitting To Kneeling During The National Anthem

While there is outrage from the right-wing on NFL players kneeling during the national anthem to protest racial injustice and police brutality, it originally started a bit differently. Colin Kaepernick started the protests by sitting down during the anthem, not kneeling. Kaepernick decided to kneel after talking to NFL player (and U.S. veteran) Nate BoyerContinue reading “Fun Fact: From Sitting To Kneeling During The National Anthem”

Things I Like: NFL 2K1 (Sega Dreamcast)

While I never owned a Dreamcast, my brother had one. He didn’t have a huge number of games either, but this was one of his best choices. Looking back now, the graphics are pretty terrible, but they were at their prime about 20 years ago. I don’t like most football games these days, they’re justContinue reading “Things I Like: NFL 2K1 (Sega Dreamcast)”

John Madden Football (SNES) Review

While Madden Football is an easy favorite for many gamers, I would bet many of those fans were never around for the early releases. I hear the Sega Genesis version was pretty sweet, but I wanted to give the SNES version a try first. This is also back when EA cared about promoting John MaddenContinue reading “John Madden Football (SNES) Review”