(Not So) Fun Fact: The Only State Motto To Come Straight From the Bible

“With God all things are possible” is the state motto of Ohio and the only state motto that comes directly from the Bible. It has wrongfully survived legal challenges as Ohio insists that it’s not promoting religion, but rather optimism.

(Not So) Fun Fact: Cleveland Balloon Disaster

During Balloonfest ’86 in Cleveland, Ohio, 1.5 million balloons were released but they eventually came back and caused countless problems for the surrounding area. Including the death of two boaters who couldn’t be rescued due to the balloons.

Fun Fact: Cincinnati Chilli

Cincinnati Chilli isn’t exactly chilli in the traditional sense. It’s Mediterranean sauce over spaghetti but can also be done to hot dogs.

(Not So) Fun Fact: Governor Bob Taft of Ohio

Great-grandson of President William Howard Taft, Bob Taft became Governor of Ohio in the 2000s. After failing to disclose “gifts”, he was charged with criminal activity, yet remained as Governor until his term was up. The scandal left the Republican Party with major losses in the next election.