(Not So) Fun Fact: Governor Bob Taft of Ohio

Great-grandson of President William Howard Taft, Bob Taft became Governor of Ohio in the 2000s. After failing to disclose “gifts”, he was charged with criminal activity, yet remained as Governor until his term was up. The scandal left the Republican Party with major losses in the next election.

Fun Fact: Paul Brown

The NFL team the Cleveland Browns are named after Paul Brown, who founded the team and was the original head coach. While a great innovator in the sport, he was not well-liked. He was eventually fired, and he went to go on and found the other Ohio NFL team the Cincinnati Bengals.

Fun Fact: When John Glenn Failed To Become President

While John Glenn is most famous for his career at NASA, he was also a United States Senator from 1974-1999 representing Ohio. He also made attempts to become the Democratic nominee for both Vice President, and later President, losing both times to Walter Mondale.