Fun Fact: Philadelphia Cream Cheese Isn’t From Philly

The popular dairy product wasn’t from Philadelphia Pennsylvania but New York.

Fun Fact: Benjamin Franklin’s Gift to Boston and Philadelphia

Benjamin Franklin left a small fortune to both Boston and Philadelphia to help the young people of those cities. To be more precise, the young people in 200 years time. The money had grown to several million dollars by the time it could be withdrawn.

Fun Fact: How The Amish Started

In 1693, there was a split between a group of Anabaptists in Switzerland. A man named Jakob Ammann led the more conservative members of the faith, and eventually fled to the present-day United States. Mostly in Pennsylvania as it was one of the rare places in the world at the time to have true religious…

Fun Fact: Liberty Bell Irony

The Liberty Bell is famous for being a symbol of American Independence during the Revolutionary War. Except the bell didn’t become well-known until after the 1830’s. Abolitionists had tried associating the bell with the freedom of slaves. The false stories about it would follow later.