Things I Like: Andross (Star Fox 64)

Like virtually every Star Fox game, Andross is also the final boss of Star Fox 64 on the N64. My favorite appearance by the bad guy. While the original game portrayed him with a white robotic looking face, this was the first time he was made up to be a Intergalactic Space Monkey floating head….

Things I Like: Star Wolf Team (Star Fox 64)

The Star Wolf team is definitely one of the most memorable bosses of the game. Technically made up of Wolf and his comrades, your team fights them simultaneously in two battles. Which can be rather tricky because their fighters are just small as yours. But I never considered either battle to be that frustratingly difficult.

Things I Like: Meteo Crusher (Star Fox 64)

Meteo Crusher is one of the earlier bosses of Star Fox 64 on the N64. A decent boss. It’s definitely painfully obvious what you need to do during the fight. Definitely not hard to send Admiral Bananas to Space Monkey hell.

Things I Like: Granga (Star Fox 64)

Granga is the very first boss of Star Fox 64 on the Nintendo 64. Definitely not the hardest boss in the game for sure. His walking tank serves more as a tutorial on how to fight bosses than to be a legitimate challenge. Because all you have to do is topple him and destroy his…