Fun Fact: Star Fox Cameo in Stunt Race FX

Since the game operated on the same technology that brought Star Fox to the Super Nintendo, if you hit a Star Fox sign on a particular track in Stunt Race FX, you will see an Arwing fly nearby.

Fun Fact: Why Nintendo Canceled Star Fox 2

Despite completing the game, Nintendo didn’t release Star Fox 2 in the 1990’s. They knew that 3D gaming looked much better on Sega Saturn and PlayStation and didn’t want the embarrassment.

Things I Like: StarFox Assault (Gamecube)

I hated the hell out of StarFox Adventures, but I managed to enjoy my time with StarFox Assault. Is it the greatest StarFox ever? Hahaha no, but it was gold compared to the game that preceded it. Instead of being a Zelda clone, StarFox Assault puts you back into the Arwing full-time. Most of the…

Video Game History: Dinosaur Planet

Dinosaur Planet was an unreleased game for the N64 which later was pushed to the Gamecube, and remade into the Starfox universe as Starfox Adventures. While the N64 version lacked Fox McCloud it did show some promise. It seemed to be Rare’s answer to Zelda just as Banjo-Kazooie was their response to Super Mario 64….

Things I Hate: StarFox (SNES)

I was never a huge fan of the series besides Starfox 64. But I gave this one a shot, and man it just rubbed me the wrong way. I think it’s main problem is that it’s been aging pretty bad over the years. I’m sure it has excellent design, but the graphics look like shit,…