Things I Hate: Meter Droid (Sonic Mania)

A later boss should’t be a cakewalk but Meter Droid sure is. On my first try I managed to defeat him before he warmed up. But his main attack is to toss you up towards the spikes. Either way, losing to this guy would be an embarrassment.

Things I Like: Heavy Magician (Sonic Mania)

Not the greatest boss fight in the game, but I thought it was interesting. Mainly because the robot wizard can turn himself into illusions of characters from the long-forgotten Sonic fighting game Sonic the Fighters. That being said, he’s not super-difficult to defeat.

Things I Like: Uber Caterkiller (Sonic Mania)

In Sonic Mania, it seems this boss is summoned by the robot magician after some floating and mocking at Sonic and Tails. Basically a giant robot caterpillar…that kills. I found this battle a little tricky since Sonic has to depend on the plane (which auto catches you) which makes movement a little awkward. I think…

Things I Like: Laundro-Mobile (Sonic Mania)

While Dr. Eggman tried scuba diving last time, he comes at you in a submarine of sorts this time. Like the previous battle, you have to avoid traps and obstacles before getting a chance to really battle. Which is a little tricky considering you’re underwater. Which means movement and air-time can leave you in a…

Things I Like: Dive Eggman (Sonic Mania)

I didn’t quite expect this boss battle coming. Dr. Eggman is in a scuba suit and causes all kinds of underwater trouble. He sets a blast to cause Sonic to have to flee or be crushed by the falling surroundings. I actually died twice trying to do avoid that. The actual battle is pretty easy….