Onward (2020 Film) Review

Onward movie poster

Pixar is the king of animation companies which is the reason Disney bought them out so quickly. While their track record hasn’t always been perfect, most of their films have been fantastic. I remember seeing the trailer for Onward but I wasn’t tempted to see it in theaters. But once it arrived on Disney+, it didn’t take me long to watch it.

Onward Ian and Barley Lightfoot

The movie is about two elf brothers who now live in a modern world that used to overflow in magic. The youngest brother Ian Lightfoot lacks confidence while his big brother Barley Lightfoot is overflowing with passion for magic. Their father died many years ago which hurt the both of them in many different ways.

Ian Lightfoot Onward

One day, their mom takes out a magical staff owned by their dad. It came with a letter informing both sons that there is a spell that can bring him back for a single day. Things go horribly wrong when the magic fails and only brings back their dad from the waist down.

Guinevere van Onward

Due to Barley’s knowledge of old magic, he knows they need to find a magical gemstone to finish the spell. But they only have until sunset to complete their quest or their dad will be lost to the afterlife forever. Both brothers will have to work out their differences because this quest won’t be easy.

Onward Disney Pixar

I found Onward to be a very enjoyable film though I was expecting better out of it. I really enjoyed how Barley was a pretty awesome big brother, which I never really had in my personal life. The ending does throw a minor curveball, which I disliked yet respected.

Score: B+

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