Things I Like: Roadhog (Overwatch)

Roadhog OverWatch default costume Nintendo switch Xbox One PS4 PlayStation 4 blizzard PC Microsoft Windows

Roadhog is one of the fighters in OverWatch.

Roadhog OverWatch shotgun Xbox One PS4 PlayStation 4 Nintendo switch blizzard PC Microsoft Windows

His main weapon is like a sawed-off shotgun. That being said, Roadhog is rather useless at long range.

Roadhog OverWatch long-range attack Xbox One PS4 PlayStation 4 PC Microsoft Windows Nintendo switch blizzard

He does have one long-range attack, but I never found it to be that powerful.

OverWatch Nintendo switch roadhog Xbox One PS4 PlayStation 4 PC Microsoft Windows blizzard

You also have a trusty chain which you can pull enemies close to you. The best strategy I found, was to find enemy players attacking your teammates and overwhelming them with brute-force.

Roadhog OverWatch superpower move Microsoft Windows blizzard PC PlayStation 4 PS4 Xbox One Nintendo switch

His super move turns the shotgun into more of a Gatling gun. While powerful, its accuracy and aim are difficult to master. I never had much luck with it.

Roadhog OverWatch PC PS4 Nintendo switch PlayStation 4 Xbox One Microsoft Windows blizzard

But at the end of the day, Roadhog hog is okay, but probably my least favorite so far.

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