Things I Like: Bea (Pokemon Sword)

Pokemon Sword Bea gym leader Nintendo switch Game Freak

Bea is one of the gym leaders in Pokemon Sword, but she isn’t in Pokemon Shield. The first time I’ve ever seen a difference in gym leaders from two Pokemon game versions.

Pokemon sword Bea gym challenge

Her gym challenge is pretty unique.

Nintendo switch Pokemon Sword Bea gym challenge

Who always wanted to be the pinball?

Pokemon Sword pinball minigame Bea gym battle Nintendo switch

It’s a fun little distraction.

Pokemon Sword Nintendo switch Game Freak Bea gym

It’s not a hard challenge though.

pokemon cinderace vs sirfetch'd sword bea Nintendo switch

Her Pokemon are all pretty much fighting types.

Pokemon Sword Bea Gym battle Machamp dynaflex evolution

Most of them didn’t give me trouble, until she used her fancy power up on her best Pokemon, Machamp.

pokemon sword cinderace vs machamp bea pokemon gym Nintendo switch

I sacrificed a few Pokemon, so I could use my best Pokemon with the fancy power up.

She never stood a chance, but it was a fun battle.

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