Things I Like: Piers (Pokemon Sword/Shield)

Pokemon sword Pokemon Shield Piers gym leader team yell captain

While he looks like the leader of some weird rock band, Piers is the next to last gym leader in Pokemon Sword and Shield. I found him somewhat memorable.

Pokemon sword Pokemon Shield Marnie and Pierce City Nintendo switch Game Freak

He doesn’t really have a real gym trial, you basically just fight Team Yell members in dark alleys.

Pokemon sword Pokemon Shield Piers gym leader challenges trainer Nintendo switch Game Freak

But the time comes to challenge him.

bewear vs malamar pokemon sword Pokemon Shield Piers gym battle Nintendo switch Game Freak

He uses dark Pokemon, which none of mine really had much effect against. And since you couldn’t use Dynamax transformations, I don’t recall having that difficult of a time defeating his squad.

Pokemon Shield Pokemon sword Marnie and piers brother and sister Nintendo switch Game Freak

After the battle, we find out that Piers is the older brother of Marnie.

Pokemon finals tournament piers and Marnie Nintendo switch Game Freak

Near the finale of the game, it’s heavily implied that he gave the title of gym leader to Marnie. How very sweet of him.

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