Things I Like: Hop (Pokemon Sword/Shield)

Pokemon Sword hop holding Pokeball Pokemon Shield Nintendo switch Game Freak

Hop was your main rival in Pokemon Sword & Shield. He was more like a best friend than a rival.

Professor and Leon teach about Pokemon Pokemon sword Pokemon Shield Nintendo switch Game

His brother Leon is the Pokemon League champion. Hop always was in his shadow.

raihan and hop Pokemon sword Nintendo switch Pokemon Shield Game Freak

Like you, he defeats all the Pokemon gym leaders.

Pokemon League Championship Finals hop Pokemon sword Pokemon Shields Nintendo switch Game Freak

He was never much of a challenge, but his last match was his best.

rillaboom Dynamax form Pokemon Shield hop final match Pokemon sword

But I definitely embarrassed him at the end.

Top defeated Pokemon Shield Pokemon League Championship Pokemon Sword Nintendo switch Game Freak

But he never grew bitter or angry when defeated.

leon hop trainer vs eternatus Pokemon Sword Nintendo switch legendary Pokemon Pokemon Shield Game Freak

He even helps you defeat and catch a legendary Pokemon at the end.

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