Things I Like: Hank Hill (King of the Hill)

Hank Hill driving truck king of the Hill

Hank Hill is actually one of my favorite characters in all fiction. Ironically, Hank Hill would be the total opposite of me, as he is a conservative Republican and I am a liberal Democrat.

King of the Hill Hank talking to Bobby about honest work

But luckily the show isn’t about politics, and unlike most Republicans Hank Hill is capable of reason and understanding. You do have to be understanding to have a weird son like Bobby Hill.

King of the Hill Hank Hill Asian country club golf

I will say, the thing I like most about Hank is he never really does much evil. But he sure puts up with the bull crap of somewhat evil people.

King of the Hill Hank Hill sells propane to medieval carnival

But he sure loves selling propane and propane accessories, I’ll tell you what. He went to quite the length to sell it to anybody who wanted it.

King of the Hill Hank Hill asked if he is gay

I love how him being a propane salesman somehow make him immune to being gay. That line cracks me up every time.

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