Things I Like: Peggy Hill (King of the Hill)

Peggy Hill king of the Hill kitchen table

Though she got on my nerves a lot, I did overall like Peggy Hill on King of the Hill.

King of the Hill Hank Hill and Peggy fox

I will say, I never quite understood the romance between Hank and Peggy.

King of the Hill Peggy Hill and Bobby

She was a good wife, and a good mother.

King of the Hill Peggy joins the cult

She wasn’t very smart, like her niece Luanne. When she tries to rescue her from a cult, they get her as well.

King of the Hill Peggy punches randy Travis

She did have quite the temper, I really enjoyed the one where she punches Randy Travis.

King of the Hill Peggy catholic nun teacher

She couldn’t speak fluent Spanish, yet insisted about being a Spanish teacher. She even tries to be a nun so she can have a job teaching. Rather pathetic!

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