Things I Like: Jeff Boomhauer (King of the Hill)

King of the Hill Boomhauer name is Jeff

My least favorite out of the circle of Hank Hill’s friends, Boomhauer was likeable at least. Most fans never realized his first name was Jeff.

King of the Hill Boomhauer defends Hank Hill

Most moments he would just ramble and ramble and you could barely tell what he was trying to say. Apparently Mike Judge based him off of an angry viewer during the Beavis and Butthead days.

King of the Hill Hank Hill feud with Boomhauer over luanne platter

I really didn’t like when Boomhauer dated Luanne for about three days, I thought he crossed the line big time with that one.

King of the Hill Boomhauer hits on women at random

The show kind of implies that Boomhauer was the ultimate ladies man. I did find it hilarious that Bobby Hill found out that his secret was he just asked out every woman he could and constantly got rejected until one of them accepted his offer.

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