Things I Like: Timmy & Tommy Nook (Animal Crossing: New Horizons)

Timmy and Tommy nook animal crossing New Horizons airport agents Nintendo Switch

Timmy and Tommy return for New Horizons. No strangers to the Animal Crossing series, I think they are the first characters we see as they introduced the player to the airport where the new island is.

Animal crossing new Horizons yellow tent Timmy nook Nintendo Switch

At first they mainly help Tom Nook set up the island.

Animal crossing new Horizons Tom nook tent craft making Nintendo Switch

It was strange to see neither of them have a real shop like the past games.

Animal crossing new Horizons Timmy and Tommy nook shop Nintendo Switch

But sure enough, Timmy and Tommy will eventually set up their shop. During my month with the game, I only got this far with the shop and never got it upgraded.

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