The Mandalorian (TV Series) Season 2 Review

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Late last year, the Mandalorian premiered on Disney+. While many Star Wars fans hated the new trilogy, virtually all fans are really pleased with this new TV series. I certainly was, and I was more than excited to start the new second season.

The mandolarian grogu sees Luke Skywalker destroy dark troopers baby Yoda Disney star wars

The new season takes place not long after the first. Mando is still looking after the child, whom is the same species as the deceased Jedi Master Yoda. While they are both safe for now, The Child’s existence in the universe will not go unnoticed forever.

The mandolarian Mando and Boba fett Pedro pascal Temuera Morrison

Mando will do far less bounty hunting now than he did in the previous season. His personal quest is to find more Mandalorians, which will prove difficult at times and ironically kind of easy later. Fans will learn a rather shocking truth about Mandalorians especially among Mando’s creed.

The mandolarian Grogu and Ahsoka Tano jedi training baby Yoda

It becomes clear to Mando that The Child needs to learn the Force. The idea is to find the last remaining Jedi out in the galaxy. Obviously, this will be a tough task as Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine had made it extremely difficult to find any remaining Jedi after the Clone Wars.

The mandolarian dark troopers VS jedi master Luke Skywalker mark Hamill

Overall, the second season of the Mandalorian doesn’t disappoint. I had forgotten back in October that Disney+ was releasing a new episode every week instead of a new season every year in one batch. I rarely waited more than a few days to see the next episode after it landed on a Friday.

Score: A-

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3 thoughts on “The Mandalorian (TV Series) Season 2 Review

  1. I heard about this show but didn’t pay much attention until I heard my boyfriend Timothy Olyphant was in it.(lol) Now I have it saved so I can watch Season 1, then catch up on Season 2. Seems like it’s going to be really good. Yay to Baby Yoda! Hugs, RO

  2. OMG I really loved it and you know I am not much of a Star Wars fan….he had to explain a few things haha! I got him a Mando Helmet for his Christmas and lightsaber chopsticks…I had seen them on here you posted a few weeks ago!!

    Was reading there is meant to be a Boba Fett spin off?

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