Things I Like: Steward (Luigi’s Mansion 3)

Steward luigi's Mansion 3 boss bellhop Nintendo Switch

Steward is the first boss in Luigi’s Mansion 3. A pretty good one in my opinion.

Steward in disguise luigi's Mansion 3 Nintendo Switch

We first see him about an hour before we fight him. He poses as the bellhop at the supposedly “not haunted” hotel Luigis won a free night stay in.

Luigi's Mansion 3 Luigi and professor e gadd find steward Nintendo Switch

Surprise, surprise, he’s a ghost.

Steward boss fight luigi's Mansion 3 Nintendo Switch

The boss fight is pretty simple, he picks up luggage to throw at you. The luggage will also block your flashlight from stunning him.

Steward VS Luigi luigi's Mansion 3 Nintendo Switch

I didn’t have much trouble avoiding his luggage throws.

Steward defeated luigi's Mansion 3 Nintendo Switch

I had fun sending him to ghost prison.

Luigi's Mansion 3 Luigi gets two elevator buttons from steward Nintendo Switch

With his defeat, Luigi gets two buttons for the elevator.

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