Things I Like: Koenma (Yu Yu Hakusho)

Koenma spirit world Yu Yu Hakusho anime Japan

One of the most essential characters to the show, Koenma is one of the most interesting characters in anime.

Botan introduces Koenma to Yusuke Urameshi anime Japan

While he looks like a toddler, he’s centuries old and the prince of the Spirit World. Yusuke still doesn’t take him seriously.

Koenma arrives at the dark tournament with ogre Yu Yu Hakusho anime Japan

I always thought he was a terrible boss to Ogre.

Koenma teenager form Yu Yu Hakusho anime Japan

His teenage form is actually pretty cool, hilarious that he came up with it to make people not believe he was a baby. Better ditch the pacifier, sir.

Koenma explains demon world and rankings Yu Yu Hakusho anime Japan

He really get serious when the threat of demon world entering the human world becomes apparent.

Koenma vs Shinobu Sensui Yu Yu Hakusho anime Japan

I did admire his attempt to stop Sensui. Too bad it didn’t work.

Koenma says goodbye to Yusuke tuxedo mask cosplay Yu Yu Hakusho anime Japan

He spends the last saga hiding from his father, and even disguises himself to watch the demon world tournament. I know in the manga, his father is ousted from power and he has control of Spirit World.

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