Things I Like: The Triad (Yu Yu Hakusho)

The Triad demons Yu Yu Hakusho anime Japan Inmaki Gokumonki Miyuki

The demon triad was a decent but forgettable set of villains during the show.

Trans characters in anime Miyuki Yu Yu Hakusho anime Japan

They all fight individually, the first being Miyuki. Being beautiful and female made Kuwabara hesitant about fighting at all.

Miyuki vs kuwabara Yusuke and Botan Yu Yu Hakusho anime Japan

Yusuke used his hands to figure out that she was really transgendered. And somehow that makes it okay… That wasn’t the first time Japan media endorsed transphobic violence in the 1990’s. Hopefully, they’ve learned better.

Inmaki steel claws Yu Yu Hakusho anime Japan

Inmaki was the next foe and he was pretty tricky. He could turn invisible.

Shotgun spirit gun Yusuke Urameshi Yu Yu Hakusho anime Japan

So Yusuke used a technique that he could not dodge even with invisibility.

Yusuke vs Inmaki Yu Yu Hakusho anime Japan

One of the few times he used his brain in a battle.

Gokumonki vs Yusuke Urameshi Kazuma Kuwabara botan Yu Yu Hakusho anime Japan

The final one was Gokumonki. A very large brute, he was taken down quite easily.

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