My Top Ten Xbox Games #5: Fable

Fable Microsoft Xbox boxart

Fable was released with some of the biggest hype any game has ever received. It was apparently the deepest and longest game on the Xbox from what people were hoping. Then they found out it could easily be beat in 10 hours or so.

White mage fable Microsoft Xbox

Despite falling from the near-perfect tier of first party games, Fable is still one of my favorite games on the Xbox. Not too overly complicated, and the choice system was impressive for the time. I was kinda good from what I remember but didn’t look like gandalf or satan by the end. The combat had a few problems, but this was probably the closest thing the Xbox had to the Zelda series, which had almost no puzzles, but more action and lots of little side-quests. 

Archer bow and arrow fable Microsoft Xbox

I know this game gets a lot of hate, but I personally thought the story and setting were charming, and despite unworthy bragging rights, it still was a good game.

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