My Top Ten NES Games #8: Kirby’s Adventure

Kirby's Adventure NES Boxart Nintendo

My last game on the list Ninja Gaiden is one of the hardest games on the NES, however this title may be one of the easiest. Kirby’s Adventure was the first and last Kirby game on the NES, and broke him free of his Gameboy cage, added a dash of color, gave him the ability to suck up enemies and take away their powers. 

Kirby vs waddle dee Kirby's Adventure Nintendo nes

Kirby is pink and cute, but he has some of the best abilities in all of gaming. I believe this was the first game where he actually had real powers, and the abilities in Adventure were pretty darn good.

Waddle dee vs Kirby Kirby's Adventure NES Nintendo

It’s a shame it’s so short though, I played the GBA remake many years back, and beat it in a day. Still a great game even all those years since I was little.

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