Batman Ninja (2018 Film) Review

Batman ninja movie poster penguin two face catwoman poison ivy Joker gorilla grodd dc comics

Batman Ninja came out a few years ago and I’ve always been meaning to see it. The concept is so brilliant, but I didn’t really have a way to watch it until now since I have HBO Max. Many of the animated DC Comics movies can be a little disappointing and I really hoped this one wouldn’t be a dud.

Bruce Wayne batman as a samurai with katana sword batman ninja dc comics

Instead of having a Bruce Wayne growing up in Japan, he’s sent back in time by Gorilla Grodd. He finds out that the Joker has been sent back in time as well, and he spent no waste of time and he’s taken over a Japanese province and became its Lord.

Sexy Japanese costume Catwoman Selina Kyle batman ninja dc comics

When Bruce Wayne gives up a lot of hope, he sees a beautiful woman coming up to him. But this pretty lady is not from ancient Japan, she’s Selina Kyle. Catwoman wants to go back to her own time, so she makes the obvious alliance with the Dark Knight.

Catwoman vs Harley Quinn Selina Kyle Japanese boat batman ninja dc comics

Pretty much everyone that Batman knows in Gotham has been sent back in time. Both the good ones and the bad ones. But will the heroes go back to the real world, or will one of the villains claim ancient Japan for themselves?

Catwoman Selina Kyle alliance with Bruce Wayne batman Big battle against Joker dc comics

Overall, Batman Ninja was pretty good but not as fantastic as I was hoping. It really should have been a television series as there’s a lot of potential but not a lot of time in one movie. It also has some weird wacky stuff that shouldn’t have been possible in Japan, which I think hurts the story instead of helping it. But I’m very glad I watched it.

Score: B+

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