Things I Like: The Simpsons (Season 1)

Homer Simpson mall Santa job the Simpsons

Now that Disney has the rights to The Simpsons, I’ve been re-watching it on Disney+. I alway forget the first episode was a Christmas special. Which was a little bold for a series just starting out.

Homer Simpson adopts Santa's Little Helper the Simpsons

But they also adopt the family dog, Santa’s Little Helper on the first Christmas. Which was good because Homer literally had nothing else to give the family.

Bart Simpson science lab explosion the Simpsons fox

They also had one where Bart is mistaken for a genius (due to a switched test) and that doesn’t go so well for him.

Homer Simpson accepts job as safety inspection Springfield nuclear power plant the Simpsons

Then there’s the one where Homer gets fired, and then becomes Mr. Safety. Which lands him eventually a job as his standard career in the series as Safety Inspector for the nuclear power plant. And then he’s bad at his job for the rest of his life.

Marvin Monroe giving family therapy to Homer Marge Maggie Lisa and Bart the Simpsons

Then you have Dr. Marvin Monroe in one of his few and probably most notable appearance. I read that they were going to do a joke that his real name was Marilyn Monroe and that he got into therapy because that really messed with his ego as a kid.

Homer Simpson meets Sideshow Bob posing as Krusty the klown Kwik-E-Mart robbery the Simpsons

Probably the most serious episode is when we see “Krusty the Clown” go to jail for robbing Apu’s gas station.

Sideshow Bob meets Bart Simpson the Simpsons

For which Bart figures out (slowly) that it was really Sideshow Bob. Marking the first battle in a very long war between the young Simpson and the fallen TV sidekick.

Krusty the klown thanks Bart Simpson for clearing his Name the Simpsons

And of course, when Bart gets the love and trust of Krusty. Whom the clown seems to forget about sort of for the rest of the series.

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