Things I Like: The Simpsons (Season 2)

The Simpsons Mona Simpson giving birth to Homer while Abe Simpson sits

Now with Disney+, I finally have been able to re-watch some of my favorite Simpsons episodes. I just re-finished the second season, which improved on the animation but the stories got better and a bit more complex. Most characters finalized their personalities by the end of this season.

Carl and Homer with hair the Simpsons

Lots of good moments like when Homer was able to re-grow his hair, got successful, and lost it all when he lost his hair again.

C Montgomery burns runs for governor blinky the fish and Charles Darwin

Or when Mr. Burns ran for Governor so his corrupt self could save his nuclear plant. It wasn’t a shock when the show eventually let it officially be known that he is a Republican.

Moses and the ten commandments the Simpsons

I think this was the first time the show had parodied the Bible stories.

Marge Simpson squirrel Itchy and Scratchy the Simpsons

I forgot Marge almost got Itchy and Scratchy cancelled.

Homer Simpson meets his brother herb Powell the Simpsons

One of my favorite episodes was when Homer got to meet his wealthy half-brother Herb Powell.

Aunt Patty dates principal Seymour Skinner the Simpsons

And I bet everyone forgot that Patty dated Principal Skinner for a little while.

Kang and kodos feed the Simpsons treehouse of Horror the Simpsons

This was also the first for the Treehouse of Horror, a long-running sub-series of Halloween parodies of scary-stories.

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