Things I Like: The Simpsons (Season 8)

Kirk and luanne van Houten divorce the Simpsons

Probably the last season to be almost all good, I really enjoyed re-watching this one.

Evil twin Hugo confronts Bart Simpson treehouse of Horror Halloween the Simpsons

Had one of the best Treehouse of Horror Episodes. Like Bart meeting his evil brother Hugo.

Kang becomes president of the United States of America treehouse of Horror Halloween the Simpsons

Or when Kang the alien wins the presidential election.

Mr Burns the friendly alien the Simpsons

Speaking of aliens, don’t be afraid!

Ketchup catsup Mr Burns goes grocery shopping the Simpsons

It was Mr. Burns all along. Ketchup…catsup?

Principal Seymour Skinner falls in love with Edna krabapple the Simpsons

This one saw the romance between Principal Skinner and Mrs. Krabapple.

Homer Simpson voices Poochie Itchy and Scratchy the Simpsons

Homer becomes Poochie in this season too.

Rodney dangerfield cameo Larry Burns Moe's bar the Simpsons

We also meet Larry Burns, Mr. Burn’s lost son.

Homer Simpson heavyweight championship boxing the Simpsons Mike Tyson

I also enjoyed when Homer becomes a boxer.

Hank Scorpio boss Homer Simpson the Simpsons

And his coolest boss ever, Mr. Hank Scorpio.

Homer Simpson meets frank grimes and eats his lunch the Simpsons

And one of my personal favorites, the Frank Grimes episode.

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