Things I Like: The Simpsons (Season 9)

Homer Simpson imagines himself as a United States senator

While I still liked it then and now, this is certainly the first season to see a change in direction and a big dip in comedic quality.

The real Seymour Skinner arrives in Springfield the Simpsons

Many cite The Principal and the Pauper as a “jumping the shark” for the show. While a fascinating twist, it was rather dumb.

Marge Selma Patty as Green Evil witches the Simpsons

The Treehouse of Horror Halloween special was still good.

Fidel Castro meets Homer Simpson c Montgomery burns and mr Smithers the Simpsons

Along with other moments like Mr. Burns meeting Fidel Castro.

Ganesh Homer Simpson cosplay Apu wedding the Simpsons

Homer pretending to be Ganesh and is found out for his deception because “Ganesh is graceful” and he is not.

Homer Simpson drinks krab juice the Simpsons

Mountain Dew? No thanks, I’ll take the crab juice.

Homer Simpson mountain climbing powersauce bars the Simpsons

Gyms lead to ridiculous mountain climbs.

Homer Simpson becomes sanitation Commissioner the Simpsons

The Garbage Man Can!

Barney gumble marries Otto the Simpsons religious cult

And I liked their parody of religious cults.

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