Rick and Morty (TV Series) Season 1 Review

Rick and Morty season 1 poster cartoon network adult swim

Rick and Morty has been a popular show for quite a number of years now. It has made huge waves across meme culture too. I knew I’d watch the series eventually,. and it finally happened not long ago.

Morty Smith and summer ipads Christmas Rick and Morty cartoon network adult swim

The first main character is Morty Smith, a typical boy in middle school. His father Jerry has confidence issues. His mom Beth is often unhappy with her marriage. And his sister Summer is another case all together.

Morty Smith and Rick Sanchez season 1 Rick and Morty cartoon network adult swim

But Morty spends most of his time with his maternal grandfather, Rick Sanchez. Rick is like a super genius who often feels like Doc Brown from Back to the Future, but only if Doc Brown was also a crazy mad scientist who could never be truly good or evil.

Dog supremacy Rick and Morty cartoon network adult swim

And because of Rick’s ability to be so smart and invent things, this gets Rick and Morty into some pretty crazy adventures. There’s biological things gone wrong, alien attacks, robots, and a lot of portals. All I can say is that Morty is certainly not living a normal life.

Rick Sanchez vs Satan Rick and Morty cartoon network adult swim

Overall Rick and Morty is a pretty good show. But its original season is super-short so the first season is over before you really get started. Which is really unfortunate. I read up on the series’ later production and they’re pretty darn slow at making this show. Which is probably torture for the series’ super-obsessed fans.

Score: B+

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