Rick and Morty (TV Series) Season 2 Review

Rick and Morty season 2 poster cartoon network adult swim

A friend of mine introduced me properly to the Rick and Morty series, which has a long run on Cartoon Network, with a surprisingly short list of episodes and seasons. I liked the first season quite a bit, but it was painfully short. The 2nd season isn’t much better on the total number of episodes, but quality does top quantity any day in my book.

The Smith family season 2 Rick and Morty cartoon network adult swim

Things haven’t changed much for Rick Sanchez or Morty Smith since the first season. Rick is still a crazy and semi-evil scientist, Morty is still horrified by everything that Rick gets him into. His sister Beth does try to bond better with her maternal grandfather. While we see Jerry and Beth’s marriage through some ups and downs.

Rick and Morty music battle survival season 2 cartoon network adult swim

But the crazy adventures never seem to stop for Rick and Morty. Such as when a giant alien being gazes upon the Earth and most on Earth leave their religions and worship him as the one true god. Then Rick and Morty sing for the alien being and they get Earth entered into a reality tv contest where the cost of losing is obliteration.

The planet inside Rick Sanchez's battery Rick and Morty cartoon network adult swim

There’s also when Rick tells Morty about his car battery. But unlike something you’d pick up in the automotive store, Rick’s battery is super sci-fi. In-fact, it has its own tiny world inside it. Rick had been cruelly using them for free energy, and they think he is the messiah. Obviously Morty has a lot of issues with Rick’s ideas in season 2.

Jerry Smith hospital bed Rick and Morty cartoon network adult swim

Overall I’d say season 2 is a tiny bit better than the first but neithers has that big of an edge over the other. While season four is currently being made, I have only season 3 left to see until 4 is done with. I’m sure I’ll finish it before the end of March.

Score: B+

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