All-Star Superman (2011 Film) Review

All-Star Superman Boxart movie

I’m not exactly the biggest fan of Superman to be honest. But I’ve been giving him more interest after watching the excellent works based on his friend Batman. I came across All-Star Superman which is an original story outside the official comic story-line.

Superman dying in the sun All-Star Superman

The story starts off with Superman saving a spaceship studying the sun. He does his job well, and gets everyone back to Earth safety. But soon after they get back to Earth, one of the scientists he saved makes a startling discovery. The exposure of the Sun has overwhelmed Superman, and he’s given a few weeks to live.

Lex luthor in prison giving interview with Clark Kent All-Star Superman

He finds out that it was all a trick produced by his nemesis Lex Luthor. Luthor wanted to go down in history as the man who killed Superman. So Superman goes about his life trying to tie down loose ends, and still saving the world.

Superman and his robots All-Star Superman

I thought the ending was rather dumb, but I really did like Lex Luthor in the film as well as Lois Lane. It’s a decent film, but it is boggled down by a pointless plot. Superman fans will probably like it, but this is certainly not the best work from the Man of Steel.

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