Video Game History: Superman (Atari 2600)

Superman Atari 2600 boxart

While Superman might be the “the man of steel” Earth’s first memorable superhero didn’t get his first virtual adventure until 1978. I never played it myself, but besides some pretty decent box-art, I really can’t find much to make me want to play this.

Phone booth Clark Kent superman Atari 2600

One of the reasons is the system itself. The Atari 2600 might be cool in a retro way, but I honestly think 99% of it’s game library belongs in the trash. Back in the late 70’s, people were excited to play anything they could control on their TV; now they dust off the old box, hook it up to their old TV in the garage, and wonder how they managed to play this mess as a kid. Can you tell that’s Clark Kent near his phone booth? My best guess would’ve been a brightly colored cowboy about to call his over-controlling mother.

Man of steel flying superman Atari 2600

But the phone booth actually lets you become Superman, and most of the game involves flying around and picking up thugs or objects and putting them in the right places. Except I hear that if you lack the instruction manual, Superman on Atari 2600 is an unplayable mess. While I’ve seen some positive reviews on this game, I’ve often seen many more rants with rock-bottom scores. I guess to most super-gamers, this cartridge might as well be made of kryptonite.

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