X-Men Arcade (Carolina Arcade Museum)

X-Men Arcade machine cabinet Konami

X-Men was a plainly titled 1992 arcade game from Konami featuring Marvel’s mutant superheroes. I remember seeing it once in a mini-golf place but I can’t recall playing it at all or even once. I was so happy to see it at the Carolina Arcade Museum.

Arcade machine X-Men Arcade Konami

The really neat thing about it was that you could play six people at once. With a huge unique screen and a clever design, this works pretty well. Pretty crazy for 1992. It took until the 21st century until all consoles had four controllers at once, and then more so when games went online. In 1992, it was rare to see four players at once. Six was madness, in a good way.

Magneto and juggernaut kidnap Charles Xavier X-Men Arcade Konami

The graphics are pretty good for its time. It on purpose mimics the look of the 1990’s cartoon series.

Storm and Wolverine X-Men Arcade Konami

It’s a lot like Konami’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles beat-em up games. A little mindless, but very fun.

Colossus storm Wolverine X-Men Arcade Konami

There’s also a lot of X-Men villians and heroes. My favorite hero was Colossus, which is ironic because I don’t really like him in the comics or movies too much.

Blob boss battle X-Men Arcade Konami

You got some lamer villains like The Blob.

Emma frost boss battle X-Men Arcade Konami

And ones I knew better from the movies, like Emma Frost.

Juggernaut boss battle X-Men Arcade Konami

And ones you can’t forget like Juggernaut.

Fake magneto boss battle X-Men Arcade Konami

The final boss is Magneto, duh.

X-Men Arcade mystique boss battle Konami

Though you’re tricked into thinking you’re fighting him at first. Mystique as Magneto gives you a good challenge.

Final boss magneto X-Men Arcade Konami

Though the real Magneto is even tougher. I was glad I finally got to play the game for real and to the very end too.

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