Once Upon a Time (TV Series) Season 3 Review

Once upon a time season 3 boxart

When I first heard of Once Upon a Time a few years ago, I wasn’t very interested. The concept seemed rather silly, and I didn’t quite get it. But once I sat down and watched it, it didn’t take long for me to become a big fan. I thought the second season was much better than the first, so I was excited to see if the third was even better.

Once upon a time Henry Mills meets Peter Pan

The story begins right where the previous left off, Henry was taken from Storybrooke by two outsiders. They use a magic portal to take Henry to Neverland, and the mastermind is Peter Pan. Henry’s mother Emma thought Pan was suppose to be a hero, but is later told that the works of Peter Pan fiction their reality knew were wrong. Even Rumpelstiltskin’s magic cannot stop him, as they are equally powerful.

Once upon a time Regina vs Zelena magic battle

The second half deals with the other main antagonist Zelena, who wishes vengeance upon Regina. Even the (formerly) Evil Queen’s dark magic is nothing against The Wicked Witch from the land of Oz. But her goals will affect everyone in Storybrooke, especially the town’s greatest heroes.

Once upon a time Ariel and belle

Overall I liked the third season a tad less than the second. The fights against Peter Pan and Zelena often were imbalanced and not very epic. Though I liked the new parts of Rumpelstiltskin’s past, his redemption, and new characters like Ariel, Tinkerbell, and Glinda. Though I will say I personally hated when they ruined the happiness of one of the characters that really atoned for their previous evil history.

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