Once Upon a Time (TV Series) Season 2 Review

Once upon a time snow white and David see magic return to Storybrooke Maine

Very recently I watched the first season of Once Upon a Time and really liked it. It deals with fairy-tale heroes (and other fictional characters) who were taken from their world and transported to a small town in Maine with amnesia. I have to say the second season is even better than the first.

Once upon a time August Booth turned back into Pinocchio

The story begins just where the first season ended with the curse broken. David realizes he is Prince Charming, Mary-Margaret knows she is Snow White, and they both remember that Emma Swan is the daughter they sent to save everyone from the curse almost three decades before. Everyone regains their memories, and they reunite with their friends and loved ones. However the town remembers that Regina is the Evil Queen, and many wish vengeance on her.

Once upon a time Emma Swan snow white Mulan Aurora

However Henry still cares for his adoptive mother, and his birth-mother Emma along with her parents Snow White and Charming protect Regina as Henry wants her to be safe. Magic enters the land and Regina is almost killed by a Wraith. They send the Wraith in a portal however Emma and Snow accidentally enter it as well. They end up in a land they thought was lost, and they meet people like Princess Aurora and Mulan who weren’t affected by the curse. Emma and Snow must find their way back to Storybrooke, but danger will follow them along every corner.

Once upon a time Belle and Rumplestiltskin spare Robin Hood

Overall I really liked the second season of Once Upon a Time. One of the things that sort-of irked me about the first season is that nobody except Henry and Regina really knew what was going on, so I liked that in this season that everyone remembers who they really are. As for new characters I really liked Princess Aurora, Mulan, Neal Cassidy, and especially Killian Jones and his quest to destroy Rumpelstiltskin. I really can’t wait to see the third season.

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