Once Upon a Time (TV Series) Season 6 Review

Once upon a time season 6 poster

Once Upon a Time had become one of my favorite shows years ago, but I will admit, it had been running out of steam. While the first four seasons were great, the story-lines became very redundant with so much deja vu that even the shows’ writers must of had a hard time keeping up to try to seal up any plot holes that may form. But I try to stick with a series until its end.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde Once upon a time

The story begins as Dr. Jekyll finds his way to the town of Storybrooke, Maine. While its unclear what his motive is, it isn’t anything good. His deep red demon eyes make that very clear. But he does seem to be want to the solve the problem of his “other half” Mr. Hyde. And everyone in town may suffer from it.

Once upon a time evil Queen Regina vs good Regina

To make matters worse, Regina’s dark side, the Evil Queen has split from her body and has proven herself immune from death. But the Evil Queen realizes that she can’t hurt Regina without hurting her own self. She comes up with some terrible dark magic, but this inner-now-outer turmoil will be one tough case for either Regina to resolve.

Once upon a time Black Fairy arrives in Storybrooke Maine

But even worse than those two is the Black Fairy. She may be beautiful, but her heart is blacker than coal. She is a being that is even older than Rumpelstiltskin and she claims to have virtually “invented” the ways of dark magic. Her ultimate goal is to make sure that evil and not light rules the day. Can the heroes stop such evil creatures?

Once upon a time Emma Swan sword duel with Gideon Gold

Overall the sixth season is one of the series’ weakest and it goes up and down in quality. Many times I was bored, and other times I was excited and hopeful to find out what happens next. The season ends on a high note, with the suggesting of a promising soft reboot.

Score: B-

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