House of Cards (TV Series) Season 6 Review

House of Cards season 6 poster Netflix

House of Cards had been a favorite series of mine for a few years now. It was always have a spot of love for the founders of Netflix and it really was the first show that proved that Netflix could make an original show that was on par and even better than a show that came out on cable. While it was obvious the show was near its end, the Me Too movement’s arguably most notable fallen celebrity was Kevin Spacey, and it didn’t take Netflix anytime to disavow their lead star. Luckily the show had already put Claire Underwood as president, so the show writers got lucky on that.

House of Cards President Claire Underwood blue dress

The season starts not too long after the last. However the disgraced Francis Underwood had been found dead in the White House after a reconciliation (of sorts) with President Claire Underwood. For once, Claire had nothing to do with the demise of someone who could have brought her down. Despite the anger between the two last season, Claire tries her best as President to make Frank Underwood a good man in memory.

House of Cards Doug Stamper released from jail Netflix

Doug Stamper had taken a fall for Frank Underwood and admitted that he (which he was innocent) killed Zoe Barnes, and the others. Instead of being in prison, Doug was deemed mentally insane and seeks help. However, Doug isn’t too crazy, and is set to be free given he behaves his manners. Is he going to take down Claire or is he going to cement her presidency?

House of Cards shepherd family Netflix

Claire’s biggest enemies in the series finale season is the Shepherd family. The leading family member is Bill Shepherd who apparently allied with Frank Underwood but is flabbergasted when Claire refuses to commit to her late husband’s promises. Bill’s sister Annette Shepherd used to be friends with Claire in their youth. However, the brother and sister were heirs to a large corporation, and they have the power to take Congress away from Claire and even Claire’s own powers.

House of Cards Doug Stamper tries to murder Claire Underwood Netflix

Overall I was a bit disappointed by the final series, but I knew it would have its issue with losing its lead star over the scandal in real life. Luckily the season is about a 1/3 shorter than the previous seasons, so it doesn’t drag on forever. The story and acting kind of goes up and down, and doesn’t come close to rivaling the first season in being interesting. Many critics hated the final episode which I didn’t think was bad. The ending was actually different from what I expected (I’ve seen the whole British series and it’s finale) and it was rather strange. Left the story with some open questions, and that’s not what a series finale should be doing. I can’t recall how I felt about each single season, but I would say this was the weakest, for sure. It’s still enjoyable, and I do think Robin Wright did a great job.

Score: B-

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  1. Theresa says:

    I didn’t love the last season and was actually glad when this series was coming to an end. Jason really liked it, but it was just meh for me.


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