Things I Hate: Pikmin (Gamecube Original)

Pikmin Nintendo Gamecube boxart

As a Gamecube fan who started his support for the device before the system came out, I remember Pikmin quite well. It was one of the early launch games for the system, but it was certainly not for everyone.

Pikmin Nintendo Gamecube

It was Nintendo’s first real take at Real-Time-Strategy games, but with a simpler Nintendo twist. You controlled a little space man named Captain Olimar and you could control this little Pikmin creatures to help you rebuild your ship.

Purple Pikmin and captain olimar Pikmin Nintendo Gamecube

Everything about the game is good, except one major flaw. A 3 day time limit or it’s game over. That might not sound like a huge deal, but it rushes the player. I for one can’t tolerate time limits. I do hear they fixed that problem in the 2nd game and in the Wii re-release.

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