Things I Like: Neon Genesis Evangelion (Original Anime Series)

Major characters Neon Genesis Evangelion

I heard about it for many years, and even though it’s not as legendary as many posed it as; I still think it was a fairly good anime.

Evas Neon Genesis Evangelion

The plot is set in the near future (back in 1995 it was anyway) where around the year 2000, Earth almost faced its end. To counter another attack from the super-powered “Angels”, Earth’s Nerv group created giant robots called Evas that are the only things powerful enough to destroy an Angel.

Angel monster Neon Genesis Evangelion

I really liked the first half of Angels. They were scary, mysterious, and always something goofy and different. The first batch of battles were amazing.

Shinji ikari Neon Genesis Evangelion

Even though I thought he was pretty whiny and annoying, I still can’t hate Shinji Ikari. He has a lot on his plate as a person.

Rei Neon Genesis Evangelion

Speaking of persons, Rei is not one. Okay maybe she is or maybe not, but I didn’t like her. She was nothing to the social plot, and rarely did anything in the battles. She merely served as a component of the plot’s secrets.

Asuka Neon Genesis Evangelion

I liked Asuka until the end for obvious reasons to those who’ve seen it. She served a lot of comical relief and I thought she worked well with Shinji.

Gendo Neon Genesis Evangelion

Shinji’s dad Gendo is not the father of the year. And I swear if he makes that face one more time, I will lose it.

Misato Neon Genesis Evangelion

Misato was also pretty cool. Serving as a motherly replacement for Shinji not having any loving parents.

The series is also sort of built around Christianity. Some of the plot is loosely inspired, and a lot of names are taken from the Book of Genesis. It doesn’t have the Chronicles of Narnia undertones, let me just put it that way. But yeah most of the series is great, but I didn’t care too much for the later episodes. Too much mental issues and minimal action.

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