Video Game History: Batman Begins

Batman Begins Nintendo Gamecube boxart

Back in 2005, the Dark Knight trilogy of Batman films began. Like most big movies at the time, there had to be a video game adaptation. Batman Begins the video game came out the same year, and it wasn’t as horrible as you’d expect.

Bruce Wayne ninja batman Begins video game

The game didn’t stray too far from the plot of the film. It even includes Bruce Wayne’s training as a ninja in the League of Shadows. The game also included clips from the actual movie as well. Surprisingly, most of the film’s cast also lent their voices for the game.

batman Begins video game

The game was mostly a mixture of stealth and action. Batman had many tricks and tools to use to take down some of Gotham’s worst. Including gadgets that would provoke fear into Batman’s foes before they even faced the Dark Knight himself. You also had the chance to pilot the Batmobile Tumbler from the movie as well.

batman Begins video game sony ps2 Microsoft Xbox

In the end Batman Begins recieved mixed reaction. Many Batman fans liked it while others thought it wasn’t very special. Word had it that there was going to be a game based on The Dark Knight film, but I assume plans were cancelled in favor of the future-Arkham Asylum game.

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