Things I Like: The Nightmare Before Christmas

The Nightmare Before Christmas movie poster

One of the best movies ever.

Christmas town The Nightmare Before Christmas

The story is about Jack Skellington who is the hero of Halloween Town, a place where it is Halloween-ish all year round. He grows bored and stumbles upon Christmas town in which he falls in love with. He wishes to spread Christmas cheer to the residents of Halloween Town, even the bad ones.

Jack Skellington santa claus The Nightmare Before Christmas

Seeing the contrast between the two worlds was pretty awesome.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

And they throw a decent love story in there.

Oogie boogie The Nightmare Before Christmas

It’s got interesting characters, memorable moments, wonderful songs, and it’s still visually appealing. Such a classic movie, and probably the only movie that you can watch for both Christmas and Halloween and not feel weird.

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