Video Game History: Resident Evil Gaiden

Resident Evil Gaiden GBC Capcom boxart

While Capcom canned the Gameboy Color remake of the the original game, that didn’t stop them from developing on the system completely. They made a “kiddie” version of Resident Evil for the GBC near the end of its lifespan.

Barry Burton Leon Kennedy Resident Evil Gaiden

The game starred Leon Kennedy from Resident Evil 2, and Barry Burton who was a side character in RE1 and RE3.

Ammo Resident Evil Gaiden

The game was pretty true to the series in a couple of ways. The trademark ammo was there.

Green herbs Resident Evil Gaiden

So was your healing items.

Shotgun Resident Evil Gaiden

And of course your arsenal.

Resident Evil Gaiden

The plot of the game had you stuck on a cruise ship full of zombies. Someone has got to fire that travel agent who books things like that. What’s next? Snakes on an airline flight?

Zombies Resident Evil Gaiden

So the rest of the game was kinda like Metal Gear on NES.

Combat Resident Evil Gaiden

Except battles went first person once you encountered a zombie. Except crow-bar equipped zombies with ketchup on them doesn’t scare me much.

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