Things I Like: Diane (The Seven Deadly Sins)

Diane hugging Meliodas Seven Deadly Sins anime

Diane is the Serpent Sin of Envy and the first of the group that Meliodas reunites with. She’s a member of the giant race and she was also in love with Meliodas though his feelings weren’t the same.

Diane reunites with Meliodas in Haunted forest Seven Deadly Sins anime

Diane’s biggest problem is that she is incredibly childish and immature.

Diane in regular size for first time Seven Deadly Sins anime

I was curious if they were going to make her small temporarily. And it doesn’t take too long.

Diane wearing pink tavern uniform Seven Deadly Sins anime

She was very excited because she thought Meliodas would be into her but he sends her to the friend zone.

Diane as a child Seven Deadly Sins anime

You almost feel bad for her, but it was really King who loved her. He had met her both when they were still fairly young.

Diane and King live through first Holy War Seven Deadly Sins anime

As their feelings start to grow, they both go through incredible challenges. Like magically living through and fighting in the first Holy War.

Doame and King fighting the Demon King Seven Deadly Sins anime

She ironically is the Sin who pulls the least weight by the end of the series. Merlin technically had a lower power level, but Diane had no fancy tricks like hers.

Diane wedding dress marriage to King Seven Deadly Sins anime

I was happy her and King got married at the very end though we had to see it in the movie Cursed By Light.

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