Things I Like: King (Seven Deadly Sins)

King Seven Deadly Sins anime

While his real name is Harlequin, King is the Grizzly Sin of Sloth. Far from my favorite of the Sins, but he’s a good character. He’s the current King of the Fairy race, for which he’s a terrible ruler. He left for centuries and wondered why he was “welcomed” very coldly upon his return.

King fighting Ban Seven Deadly Sins anime

I almost forget that the first thing we see him do is try to murder Ban, since he was indirectly the cause of his sister’s death.

King vs Helbram  Seven Deadly Sins anime

He definitely had let people down himself. He certainly had a lot of powerful magic even in his weaker moments.

King trying to flirt with Diane Seven Deadly Sins anime

He was definitely weak for Diane. The giant girl could have gotten him to do anything.

King meeting Diane as a kid Seven Deadly Sins anime

She had forgotten that he met her when they were both still young. And he never stopped loving her.

King and Diane agree to relive the holy war Seven Deadly Sins anime

So not too surprisingly, they evolve emotionally and physically together.

King defeats Mael Seven Deadly Sins anime

He gets a huge power boost against Mael who was corrupted by several Commandments. A very sweet fight, but he doesn’t really do anything cool afterwards.

King marries Diane Seven Deadly Sins anime

But he does marry Diane. I was glad to see both of them love each other.

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