Things I Like: Gowther (Seven Deadly Sins)

Gowther Seven Deadly Sins anime

The Goat Sin of Lust was my least favorite of the team, but he definitely is more than meets the eye. The weirdest of the Sins, he isn’t super strong but he’s very talented in memory manipulation.

Gowther and Princess Nadja Seven Deadly Sins anime

While technically a doll, he is capable of real feelings. He did love Nadja Liones many years ago.

Gowther tricking Nerobasta Seven Deadly Sins anime

What was really surprising was that (like Meliodas) he was once a member of the Ten Commandments.

Gowther fooling melascula Seven Deadly Sins anime

Though it’s rather obvious that he acted differently back then.

Real gowther and doll gowther Seven Deadly Sins anime

Mostly because it was really his “father” (also named Gowther) that was using his body to interact with the outside world.

Real gowther tells his son goodbye Seven Deadly Sins anime

I did feel a lot of sadness watching his creator tell him goodbye as his great deception that ended the holy war took his life due to sheer power required.

Gowther saves Mael Seven Deadly Sins anime

He does spend the majority of the end fixing the aftermath of his dad’s good intentions.

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