Things I Like: Merlin (Seven Deadly Sins)

Merlin Seven deadly sins anime

The only of the Seven Deadly Sins to be a very famous character from Arthurian legend, but the anime/manga twists the character to be female. Merlin spent most of her time grooming Arthur Pendragon to be the king of kings. But she helps the Seven Deadly Sins part time when demons come back as the Sin of Gluttony.

Merlin turned to stone by the Commandment of truth Seven deadly sins anime

Probably the smartest of the group, she rarely ever was defeated. The only one of memory was being turned to stone by the curse of the Commandment of Truth by lying.

Merlin vs greyroad Seven deadly sins anime

But she had some of craziest tricks with magic. Her greatest being her power of Infinity, which allows her to do certain magical things without fail for as long as she desires.

Merlin rescues Arthur from the demons Seven deadly sins anime

She is very protective of Arthur and fails to save him from the most powerful of the Demon race.

Merlin in her true form Seven deadly sins anime

We discover her true form is that of a child, despite being one of the oldest characters in the series. I’m assuming her infinity magic was keeping her that same age.

Merlin receives gift from the demon king Seven deadly sins anime

During the original Holy War, she was given gifts by the Demon King and Supreme Diety to join either side and she disappears after refusing both. Making herself a legend of infamy to both the demon and goddess races.

Merlin falls in love with Meliodas Seven deadly sins anime

I was surprised she was originally in love with Meliodas. But she let go of her feelings after discovering he was in love with Elizabeth. Very big of her to do so.

Merlin kisses Escanor Seven deadly sins anime

I knew Escanor and her weren’t going to be an item. But I was happy she returned some affection before the Sin of Pride’s death.

Merlin revives King Arthur as the king of chaos Seven deadly sins anime

She actually plotted behind the scenes for the second Holy War to go just the way she planned. Bringing back Chaos and Arthur as its vessel. Which kind of makes her a traitor though her intentions weren’t exactly evil.

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