We Bare Bears (TV Series) Season 2 Review

Bear diet We Bare Bears Cartoon network

Last year I just happened to stumble across something that used the bear characters from the Cartoon Network show We Bare Bears. The show reminds me a lot of classics from my childhood like Rocko’s Modern Life, Ren and Stimpy, Johnny Bravo, and a few others. None of those shows scared children, but they were remarkably clever and had a lot of hidden dark humor in them.

Ice Bear brings in Christmas tree We Bare Bears Cartoon network

Since the show We Bare Bears doesn’t have a central story-line (almost like a sitcom or many other cartoons), not much really changes in terms of strong character development and plot-lines. Pan Pan’s love life however gets slightly less pathetic, Grizz blindly wonders into trouble, and Ice Bear is Ice Bear. But all the bears in the brotherly trio will sure get into some wacky adventures such as juggling Christmas Parties, battling evil robots, owning the basketball court, going on an extreme “bear diet” and many more.

Baby ice bear and Yuri We Bare Bears Cartoon network

The bears don’t make many real new friends this season. They are still friends with Charlie, the oddly looking and bizarre Bigfoot monster. They also still hang out with the young Korean-American super-genius Chole Park. They however meet a new friend in Tabes, who is a park ranger who LOVES her job and is obsessed with finding proof of Bigfoot (Charlie). We also get more Baby Bears stories one of which shows Ice Bear (presumably before he met his “brothers) in Siberia befriending an old Russian guy. The others have the baby bears getting stuck on a deserted island with two humans, and also a story about getting on a plane that has a pilot who has lost control.

Icu nights We Bare Bears Cartoon network

I’d say the second season of Cartoon Network’s We Bare Bears isn’t quite as good as the first, but I still enjoyed it quite a bit. There are very few shows I ever “binge-watch” and it didn’t take long before the second season was over with.

Score: B+

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