We Bare Bears (TV Series) Season 3 Review

Killer dolls We Bare Bears Cartoon network

It’s rare for me to a watch a real cartoon that isn’t some kind of Japanese anime these days, but about a year or two ago I stumbled upon We Bare Bears from Cartoon Network. But funny enough, it’s a pretty smart show with some dark and edgy humor hidden within.

Game show We Bare Bears Cartoon network

Like the last two seasons (though this one is about double the episodes) the season is made up in a sitcom-like fashion where the stories aren’t super-connected and you could miss one episode while seeing another. Like always Griz, Pan Pan, and Ice Bear always find ways to get into trouble or save the day.

Icy nights ii We Bare Bears Cartoon network

We do see some evolving story-lines, like a sequel to Icy Nights which features Ice Bear’s secret life of being in a very John Wick-like role of being a cool spy person. Panda however is still failing with the ladies, though he’s getting better. And Griz helps Ranger Tabes with a girl scout group as they try to achieve victories.

Baby Bears at the carnival We Bare Bears Cartoon network

Like the previous seasons, you also have the baby bears episodes which feature Griz, Pan Pan, and Ice Bear (who was at the time, mute) during their early days. Despite being super cute, they struggle to find a real home. But their quests to fill their bellies and entertain themselves is still pretty enjoyable.

Christmas with Chole We Bare Bears Cartoon network

Overall the latest We Bare Bears is a little worse than the previous two. Like any good show, they do start to run out of their better ideas and the later episodes don’t make as strong as an impression. It’s still one of Cartoon Network’s best series, and I still look forward to future seasons. Hopefully they can always make the creative train run with good ideas.

Score: B

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