Reign (TV Series) Season 3 Review

Reign season 3 poster

I am a fan of the TV show Reign. One of my issues is that the show is from the CW which makes their seasons way too long than they needed to be. Though I did get more excited for this season than the previous two as the story shifted more from “teen drama” to a story far more centered on the brutal nature of the royal politics of a Valois France and a Tudor England.

Francis and Mary Reign season 3

The show starts after the end of the last season confirmed that King Francis II of France was dying. He was being kept alive (secretly) from treatments by Nostradamus, but they only extended his existence, they aren’t saving him. Queen Mary is forced with the difficult reality of Francis dying and the fallout from that. Her mother-in-law Catherine de’ Medici would get considerable power again which will not be good for well…everybody. The most obvious answer is that Mary should return to her birthplace in Scotland.

Queen Elizabeth of England Reign season 3

However things won’t be too easy. Her first cousin-once removed Queen Elizabeth I of England while not technically Mary’s enemy officially is a considerable force to worry about if she tries to make it back home. Catholics still believe Mary to be the true heir to her great-uncle King Henry VIII’s throne and that Elizabeth was a bastard in the eyes of God. While both the English Queen and her Scottish rival had good and bad in their souls, this will not be a story of a reunited “family”.

Mary archery Reign season 3

Overall the third season of Reign was pretty similar to the last two. I liked it as always, but I didn’t quite love it. I can tell the show writers must of liked the actor of King Francis II a lot, because in history his rule in France is brief, but they tried their hardest to keep him in the story for as long as they could. Though I do wish the CW would realize that if they can make a season shorter without filler, it should be done.

Score: B

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