A Very Murray Christmas (2015 Film) Review

A Very Murray Christmas Netflix poster

I had heard of A Very Murray Christmas just recently as it’s one of the newest Netflix-original movies. Even though he’s in his mid-60’s now, I think many people still remember Bill Murray from decades ago like it was yesterday. I wasn’t quite sure if I was going to like this or not, as I knew there’d be a lot of singing in it.

Bill Murray A Very Murray Christmas Netflix

Bill Murray plays himself, as he’s suppose to make a TV special for Christmas. Except a blizzard has brought New York City to a standstill. Many of his celebrity friends can’t make it, and the show seems like it will be a disaster. Despite many people trying to cheer him up, he’s very depressed about making the show.

Chris Rock A Very Murray Christmas Netflix

Without a hope, he manages to luckily run into Chris Rock whom he begs to help him. Not being known as a singer, Chris Rock is not very happy or comfortable to be there.Though many unforeseen things go along, and Bill will run into his old friends. But will Bill Murray have a very merry Christmas the next day?

A Very Murray Christmas Netflix

A Very Murray Christmas seemed like a good idea. It has a lot of celebrity cameos, and is all about Bill Murray. Except Bill is very depressing through most of the story, and nobody really comes in to make things interesting or even funny. It’s a rather boring mess of celebrities coming in to sing Christmas songs you’ve heard too many times. I really hope nobody tries a similar Christmas movie next year.

Score: C-

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