Things I Like: Toy Story 3

Toy Story 3 movie poster Disney Pixar

I loved the first movie when it came out. If you think Toy Story 3 was big, you wouldn’t believe the hype and raving over the original.

Woody vs Buzz Lightyear Toy Story Disney Pixar

The first movie still holds up today even visually. And the 3rd movie doesn’t require a re-watching of the 1st two if you don’t have access to the DVDs.

Andy Toy Story 3 movie

Toy Story 3 kinda leaves off like the kids today who grew up watching the movie. All of Andy’s old toys are pushed in a box for safekeeping, and never played with. Andy is now 17 years old, and has gotten rid of some of his favorites.

Woody Toy Story 3 movie

Well the ones you don’t remember anyway. Woody is the main star of the movie yet again

Buzz Lightyear Toy Story 3 movie

Buzz takes a backseat role in the 3rd movie. Almost sharing the same importance as the minor toys.

Totoro Toy Story 3 movie

I was also giddy to see a Totoro doll in the movie.

My neighbor Totoro movie poster

An ode to the Japanese anime movie My Neighbor Totoro.

Daycare Toy Story 3 movie

Not as good as the first, but I loved it.

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