Things I Like: Blast Man (Mega Man 11)

Blast Man Mega Man 11 Capcom Nintendo Switch Xbox One PS4

Blast Man is one of the strongest bosses in Mega Man 11. I fought him last on my campaign through the game. I’m glad I didn’t try a bout against him first.

Blast Man boss battle Mega Man 11

He’s very fast and quick, and his attacks are hard to dodge and will take your health down easy.

Blast Man boss fight Mega Man 11

Which gets worse when he powers up with a better move.

Blast Man defeated Mega Man 11

He’s weak to the blazing torch power, which I used to finish him once my health got close to zero. I wasn’t going to let him win.

Blast Man suit Mega Man 11

After it’s over, you get the chain blast costume.

Chain blast suit Mega Man 11

Which allows you to have large blasts to your disposal. Didn’t get a chance to use it much during the game (except Dr. Wily’s castle) but it would have come in handy on some levels. Really came in handy during the final parts of the game.

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